Bald Men of HR- TRU London


March 5, 2010

On my recent visit to London for the un-conference TRU London, there were many “secret” or unplanned tracks.  One that never did take place but got a lot of wordplay was one for the Bald Men of HR. Now, being at an event like that, there are bound to be some balding or bald headed men.  I actually think it is quite attractive, but that is a whole different post.

Back to topic- what was joked about was that there are quite a few bald men in HR who are really smart, witty, and engaging.

I don’t know if there is any scientific proof that they have more brain power or influence than their hair adorned counterparts.  I do know that those I met and knew certainly fall into the “highly knowledgeable” and “influencing” category.  I decided to make the rounds and talk to as many at TRU London as possible.  The result?

Well, many interesting and engaging conversations occurred.  I also documented my experiment (with help from Jessica Miller Merrill and Maha Akiki).   So, here’s a little slideshow of some of the great men I had the fortune to speak with. Included are Geoff Webb (co-founder of TRU London and the host of other TRU events), Andy Headworth, John Ingham, Steve Boese, Jim Stroud, and Alan Whitford.

Click the link below to enjoy the video:

TRU London Bald Men of HR


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