HRevolution: Our Mission


May 6, 2010


They are becoming all the rage in many industries.  Since we are one day away from HRevolution, I think today is a good time to share the vision and mission of HRevolution and  and how we are unique.

At HRevolution, we believe individuals and organizations embrace the future when given the opportunity to discuss and test their ideas in a safe environment.

The HRevolution un-conference exists to catalyze HR’s continuous development, by providing an open forum for discussion, collaboration, and relationship building within the global HR industry.

I think you’ll find that our focus is very different from any un-conference out there.  We’ve made a conscious choice to be a blend of some of the early ones (like BarCamp) where the style is completely open and not determined until the day of the event, to the traditional conference setting where you listen as someone presents information via PowerPoint.  Our approach is to give you a setting that is comfortable and will encourage conversation.  We’ll make sure you have all the necessities for a conference in this day and age:  free wifi at the event, outstanding professionals to learn from in a less-structured way, and we’ll keep you full with all the food and goodies!  We’ll also offer you two nights of amazing fun and networking thanks to Monster and Pinstripe Talent.

As the event evolves, we’re taking steps to share what we’re doing with you via our LinkedIn Group, our FaceBook page and our main site,  We’ll have professional note-takers in the room who will capture many of the details that will not be shared via twitter.  We’ll also share video after the event and there will be a special HR Carnival dedicated to HRevolution.

HRevolution is really a living, breathing case study in change management.  Who would have guessed that a group of strangers could come together via social media less than a year ago and have a grassroots movement start to change the Human Resource profession?  For anyone who doubts the power of social media, I offer this event up as an example that when creative minds come together and are motivated to share their voices, great things happen.

Thank you to all our sponsors for helping us make the dream a reality.

Viva la HRevolution!


  • Don’t know if I’ve ever witnessed so much excitement over a conference; I’m surprised Twitter didn’t crash with all the #HRevolution tweets.

    I’m very much looking forward to meeting people I haven’t come across yet online, as well as making the acquaintance of my social media friends and reconnecting with people I’ve already met in other settings. I’m looking forward to the conversation, the fun and being a part of something this amazing.

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