HRevolution Sponsor Spotlight: Nobscot Corporation


May 11, 2010

I would like to thank Nobscot Corporation for assisting several HRevolution participants with travel costs this past weekend.  They started a HRevolution scholarship and the recipients were Shennee Rutt and Mervyn Dinnen.  Many thanks to Beth Carvin and her team for supporting their attendance.  I hope if your company is looking for assistance with exit interviews or mentoring, you will consider Nobscot Corporation.

Is your company planning ahead and doing what it takes to retain your key contributors? Could you be doing more?  I think that answer is “yes”.  But, where should you start?  Well, I have the answer:  Mentor Scout.

Mentor Scout is a division of Nobscot Corporation, the premier, global leader in web-based exit interview and management software.  Many of you may be familiar with Nobscot Corporation and their CEO, Beth Carvin.  Beth founded Nobscot Corporation in 2000 and has been the driving force in innovative business solutions since then.

Nobscot Corporation’s  Mentor Scout division was founded in 2003 as a way to use software to match mentors and mentees.  It has developed beyond that initial idea to include self-match as well as administration match of mentors to mentees in a corporate mentoring program.  This platform allows for detailed searches to be made against employee and mentor profiles.  The software can help improve employee engagement by connecting each participating employee with a valuable internal mentor, thus building a stronger connection between the employee and the company. Employees who have a strong connection with an internal mentor often are more engaged because they feel they have someone looking out for their career.

Another valuable offering in the Mentor Scout division is Mentor Scout Talent Networking Edition.  This software takes the mentoring relationship matching and adds to it an internal social networking system.  Employees can use this tool to network, interact, share their ideas, collaborate, and receive praise and recognition.

Nobscot Corporation is doing what many larger organizations have failed to do, pinpoint ways to increase engagement, capture the data, and make actionable changes based on the analytic data.  Be sure to visit their website to explore their other outstanding offerings in:

  • Exit interviews- The flagship product is “WebExit” which is an online exit interview system.  They also provide attrition analysis after the exit interviews are complete.
  • New hire surveys– They offer surveys called “First Days”.  This is built on the WebExit platform.
  • They have a Turnover Prediction System that provides leaders with information on where to expect future turnover.
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Student exit interviews
  • Online recruiting interviews
  • Internal redeployment interviews


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