Right and Wrong- What Do You Think?


May 28, 2010

As I’ve been studying the Civil War recently I came across a quote from William Lloyd Garrison.   Garrison was the founder of the American Anti-Slavery Society, founder and President of The Liberator, and strong supporter of women’s rights in the eighteen hundreds.

Are right and wrong convertible terms, dependant upon popular opinion?  ~William Lloyd Garrison

What do you think?


  • Wow, the first HR blog that I have read that quotes William Lloyd Garrison. Good one. I think that the right/wrong view is one based to some extent on perspective. Using the Civil War is a great example. The North for the most part thought slavery was wrong, those in the South thought that slavery (or to use their term at the time, states’ rights) was right. As usual, the winner of a “contest” like that ends up with their view being the correct one.

    good post Trish

  • Right and Wrong – principles and guide posts to help us all make decisions, and do they change given certain circumstances? Using the Civil War is a very good place to ponder the challenge of right and wrong. I am a student of the Civil War, and have read numerous accounts of the many battles and issues of that conflict. Was it right for Sherman to plunder train tracks and most of Georgia’s ability to produce and move goods in his march to the sea? It was done under the pretense of showing the south they had no ability to win the conflict and to submit – but was it right? Was it right to allow the defeated southern army to go back to their farms and homes with horses and rifles? Hard to know today. As we tackle issues we have never seen, it is hard to what is right and wrong and what the test of time will say. Will all the layoffs of this recession be seen as the right thing to do, pay cuts, benefits changes – all in the name of business survival?
    Trish, great post and question – I know for the organization and boards I am a part of, I strive to not see things as black and white, right and wrong, but more what is the guiding principle and consequences of what we are deciding.
    Trish, thanks for all the great thought provoking posts!

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