What Are You Known For At Work?


May 27, 2010

Bringing back one from the archive today…

Ok, so every once in awhile I am not on the cutting edge (insert chuckles here).  One thing I know is that I never seem to have time to watch television shows when they actually air for the first time.  It may be because I have too many irons in the fire, but I love my DVR and I deal with it.

Well, earlier this week I was watching a re-run of “How I Met Your Mother” that aired last spring.  It was an episode that focused on several things; Ted had started his own business, Barney was in love with Robin, and the story of Marshall and his role at his company (Goliath).  It was Marshall’s story that caught my attention from a human resource perspective.  The premise was that different people at Marshall’s company had their “thing” they were known for.

Having a “thing” you’re known for at work is the way keep off the chopping block according to Barney. So, at Marshall’s company they showed some of the things his co-workers were known for:

  • There was the Creepy Backrub Guy (you can just imagine what he looked and sounded like)
  • The YouTube Guy who played all the video clips as co-workers gathered around his desk
  • Fantasy Guy who walked around in a long bluish/purple robe like he was living in a Harry Potter movie
  • Food Guy (this one doesn’t even need explanation)


The funniest one to me though was Toy Guy.  Toy Guy was the Human Resource executive.  His office was filled with toys and when Marshall and Barney walked in to hear about the new overtime policy (which was a HUGE manual), the HR guy whipped out Wolverine claw gloves and played while he went over the boring policy.

Just once I’d love to be like Toy Guy at work. Can you imagine, someone comes to HR for some “coaching” and I come at them blowing a whistle, clipboard in hand, drawing plays and next steps on my white board?  That would be great.  I’m now Coach Girl!

Seriously, there are people in every company that have strange “things” they are known for.  So, what are you known for at work?  I’d love comments that share some of the funny ones from your workplace.


  • Hee! I love Jason Segel, but that’s not what I’m known for at work.

    I guess I’m the Grammar Queen. People tend to come to me for assistance with drafting correspondence, editing, what have you. And I’m a little bit Toy Gal – I’ve got plastic sushi wind-up toys, pencil toppers, and magnets in my office. If I could get away with having more toys, I totally would!

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