Vlog: HR Florida and Talent Net Live


September 6, 2010

Since my netbook crashed during the Windows 7 update yesterday, I decided to vlog instead of trying to remember all my notes from HR Florida and Talent Net Live.  Thanks in advance for watching, especially since I’m not a seasoned vlogger!


  • Trish – first let me say you are a great “vlogger” – nicely done!

    Thank you so much for your feedback on HR Florida and thank you for coming and being part of the excitement.

    You helped make this our best conference to date and will continue to drive the excitement for 2011.

    It was great meeting you in person, and I look forward to all your blogs updates, including those on Women of HR – would love to contribute some day soon!


    Carol McDaniel

  • You look GREAT on camera, Trish!!! You look natural and comfortable whilst being video’d. I would have you pitch my product on Tele in a heart beat!!!

    If there were any constructive criticisms I could add, I would suggest more gain on your microphone (on the camera) or using an external mic. Maybe the fact that I am deaf doesn’t help, LOL. The TVR guy in me would also tell you to use a simpler backdrop; however, that would make it more formal (and the nature of your Vlog feels not all that formal).

    Good job, Trish!!!

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