The People Behind The Brand Matter: Aquire, Inc. Spotlight


April 22, 2011

There are some things I believe in.  I believe in fate and I believe in the people are what matter when you’re deciding to business with an organization.  One of the reasons I love the organizations that sponsor HRevolution is that they all have great people behind the brands.

I think back to a little over two years ago when fate stepped in and brought Lois Melbourne, CEO of Aquire, Inc. into my life.  After some tweeting, Steve Boese brought us together as part of a blog exchange experiment.  I was new to social media and to blogging so jumped right in and paired with Lois to write for each other.  I wrote a post about how employee engagement data can strengthen company performance and she wrote about mentoring students and entrepreneurs.

Little could I have known that would start a relationship that has lasted until today.  And here we are….coming up on HRevolution on April 30th….exactly two years from when Lois and I were paired online!  Amazing.

Look, if you’re not familiar with Aquire, Inc., you should be.  They are a  leading provider of workforce planning and analytics solutions. From organizational charting and reporting, to talent visualization, succession planning, workforce modeling, data integrity, and more – Aquire solutions increase information visibility, expedite decision making and streamline strategic HR initiatives.  And, if that isn’t reason enough to partner with them for all your workforce planning and analytical needs, just remember this:  Lois and her entire team are not there to “sell” you something.  They are about building relationships. Just think back to my relationship with Lois and you’ll see that she and her team are the real deal.  Passionate professionals who care about providing the best possible service, guidance, and products.

Give Aquire a try!

Thank you to Lois for always being there to support HRevolution in so many ways for so many years!!


  • I agree, Trish! I have been equally impressed with Lois. She is such a giving person to the HR social media community, students and other entrepreneurs.

    If a company’s values, culture and spirit come from the top then Aquire has to be a remarkable organization with whom to partner.

    Plus their workforce analytics and organization charting technology looks very useful. Can’t wait to meet them and learn more about it at the Aquire User Conference next month.

  • I always pull for the Texas companies. Most people don’t understand how much is going on down here in Texas. The HCM scene is outrageous. Lois is a stalwart citizen in the HCM (and Texas) community. I’m very happy for her and for the success of her company. Good people.

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