I Don’t Wear Chuck Taylors


July 12, 2011

For those of you who have not met me, I’m a high heels kind of gal.  I love them and wear them almost every day.  In fact, I’ve always been this way.  One type of shoe I’ve never owned and would feel like a total sham wearing is THE classic-  Chuck Taylors by Converse.  

Now, here’s where it gets interesting.  If you believe that the way that we express ourselves in our clothing and in our shoe choices somehow links to our beliefs and behaviors, we’d be in agreement.  You might even think that I’d feel most comfortable surrounding myself with other heel-wearing ladies.  But, this is where I’d lose you.  When I think of many of the professionals that have a solid impact and influence on my thinking about the present and the future of HR, one theme emerges.

They all wear Chuck Taylor’s.

Some of the great industry thinkers I know like Ruettimann, Boese, Nykolaiszyn, and Crosby, to name a few.

I wonder what that says about me.  I hope it says that I’m smart enough not to surround myself with only like-minded people.  I hope that it shows that I like to associate with people that may have the same passions as I do but vastly different opinions and approaches.  I think there is something to this.  And, maybe I’d stretch myself a little by lacing up a pair myself once in awhile.  You know, try to walk a mile in their shoes….

So, maybe next time we’re thinking about diversity, we should look down.  After all, what kind of shoes are you surrounding yourself with? They just might make you a better person.


    • @Robin- Hello friend! Wow, not surprised at all. I am actually looking at them on Zappos. Maybe it’s time I get a pair. 🙂

  • I own two pair. One is paint splattered. Throwbacks from art school when everyone wore them like a high heel tribe. You should own a pair! Buy some colorful striped tights or socks to wear with a black pair! Or switch out the shoe laces with polka dots. Your daughter will want some too. I read today where Kate Middleton is bringing panty hose back in fashion. We need some push-back with Chuck Taylors. Guess the guys don’t have to worry about accessorizing huh?

    • @Lyn- Wow, a whole accessorize Chuck movement. Sounds good. I saw some with no laces that I liked. My little girl actually wears them and has been for several years. I think she’s on her 4th or 5th pair. Maybe I need to give in and get some… 🙂

    • @Laurie- It may mean that his son is really cool or could mean that you are. 🙂 xo

  • If you don’t want the “me too” Chucks, converse.com will get you a customised pair in less than a month.

    I wear Chucks, but only customised ones.

  • i wore a new pair of Converse ‘not quite the classic Chuck but from the same family’ to SHRM and I think more people noticed them than anything I said or did at the event,

    Chucks are cool. But in a pinch, I’d still go with the Puma Clydes.

    Rockin’ Steady…

  • With my wide feet and bad arches, Chuck’s, like milk, are a bad choice.

    New Balance for life.

  • As you know, I’m very much the high heels girl myself – even through all the years working in manufacturing and retail HR. I even did marketing visits to the vineyards last week sporting my Nine West buckle stilletos. (the vineyard manager was impressed that I didn’t fall over and thanked me for aerating the soil – Oh…. and I signed the client)

    Perhaps, in the vein of diversity, that is why I wear them. Here’s who I am, and I embrace all that my clients are, and isn’t it great that we can be different?

    Go rock those Chucks for a little walk on the wild side, but embrace your heels. Or, for a little more diversity – try a pair of Keens – oh so comfortable for hiking.

  • I generally wear heels to work, but own 2 pairs of Chucks (one is a Christmas pair – red & green plaid with holly on the side, and jingle bells!). No reason you can’t enjoy the highs and lows of life!

  • Now, you know I like my shoes and I have 2 pairs of Chucks. Black and green plaid. They are so incredibly comfortable. I love that there are so many styles and have to actually restrain myself from buying more on a regular basis.

  • For what it’s worth Trish, I don’t wear them and never would. They’re just way boyish and unfeminine for me. Also, if “everyone” wears them, that’s another reason why I wouldn’t wear them. Just not interested in being an “also pictured.”

    I do love my Pumas though!

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