Happy Friday: Tell Me About You


August 3, 2012


Happy Friday!

I had a HR-related post all ready to go for today but woke up and feeling happy and a little silly.  Instead of running something traditional, I thought I’d go for something more fun.  Some of the posts I like to read on other blogs are the ones that tell me about the writer on a personal level.  With that in mind, here are a few “fun facts” that I wouldn’t normally share, but hey, we’re all friends, right?

  • I am afraid of raccoons and tiny frogs.
  • My favorite flower is the alstroemeria.  I hate red roses.
  • I think all women should be able to change tires, spark plugs, headlights, etc.  I can do mine, and have.  Last time I changed my tire was several years ago when I had my jeep.  And yes, I was in a skirt and heels on the way to work.
  • I am not afraid to admit that I like Prince and Rick Springfield.
  • I once met Colin Powell and he was the coolest man ever.
  • I used work with one of President Regan’s press secretaries.  He’s one of the most interesting people I’ve ever known.
  • If I ever turn on the tv and ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ is on, I MUST watch it right then at whatever part of the movie it is.
  • I hate drama.
  • I don’t like to boo hoo about problems or difficulties- I am definitely a “mind over matter” kind of girl and I just let it all make me stronger and stronger.
  • I am a horrible singer but I am the entertainer of my family.
  • I am a good cook.  I love to make up recipes and I DON’T measure.
  • I like risk.
  • I like to be independent, but what I really like is to be taken care of once in awhile.
  • I am silly.
  • I am kinda smart.
  • I took piano lessons for 9 years, most of which were from a nun.
  • I have 3 dogs and a fish I love.
  • I like to drink Mic Ultra from a bottle- NO glass for me.

So, why don’t you tell me about you in the comments?  What are some of the fun facts I don’t know?


  • Let’s see:

    I am a history nerd, primarily a Civil War geek.
    I am afraid of heights.
    I have to watch “Animal House” whenever it is on.
    I would rather go to the North Woods than NYC or LA.
    I make the best chili in the world IMHO.
    I kinda like the Iowa Hawkeyes and Chicago Blackhawks.
    My brushes with celebrities include Jerry Lewis and Dom DeLuise. Oh yeah, and Trish McFalane.

  • I am a hippy dippy chick from CA – Haight Ashbury and Santa Barbara
    I grow my own food and am a locavore protagonist
    I work in the “security cleared community” and find it fascinating.
    Honored to be married to a Marine who I met on a blind date.
    I have a double identity then I switch back & forth on throughout the day
    I don’t watch TV and love reading real books not those on a Kindle
    I am a sci fi follower/lover – Star Trek to be precise
    I am a closet head banger – Van Halen, AC/DC
    I have kissed Kenny Loggins and decorated the Old Executive Office building for Christmas once.
    I studied Biochemistry, Law, Marketing and NonProfit Management.
    I have word the Panda suit for World Wildlife Fund
    I am afraid of heights, snakes and movies where people get strung out on drugs
    I cherish everyday with my family including my 105 pound lap dog

  • Here are some fun things to share:

    1) Trish and I talk about llamas every time we talk. It just has to happen !!
    2) I used to sing Led Zeppelin songs out load when I made cotton candy at Cedar Point to pass the time.
    3) People are surprised I’m tall. I’m not.
    4) John Jorgensen and I start every conversation by stating what rock song/artist we are listening too.
    5) Proud and defiant ABBA fan !!
    6) Any time Monty Python is on, I have to watch it. Timeless.
    7) The first date with my future wife was The Princess Bride. Incredible film with and incredible person !!

  • I forgot to mention that I have never lost a game of Trivial Pursuit.

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