Smoking Is Good For You? Finding Information You Trust


November 9, 2013

What happens when someone you trust, maybe a manager, maybe a colleague, gives you inaccurate advice?  How do you know?  How is that trusting bond formed?  And, does it make a difference if that person unknowingly tells you inaccurate information?

I’m wondering if we get so comfortable accepting information from “trusted” sources that we sometimes forget to think for ourselves, to do our own research, and come up with our own conclusions.  If nothing else today, spend some time challenging yourself to think about some of the advice you’ve been given and then, think for yourself.

For a good example of how a trusted group of professionals could have given bad advice back in the day, check out the video clip.  It only takes a minute…


  • Well said. To think for myself….I think the challenge is a good one! We should also be ready to have a honest and open dialogue with those who may challenge what ‘we’ have to say if we’re the knowledge experts doling out advice and/or directions. We just might surprise ourselves.

    To respond to another point that you raise about if it matter if they unknowingly mislead…. IMHO, I do think that is the difference in the divide between ethical vs. unethical. If one intentionally misleads someone with something that they know is untrue – trust disintegrates.

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