Am I Vintage?


April 23, 2010

The other day my little girl came downstairs wearing her new t-shirt.  She said, “Mommy, am I vintage?”  I looked at her shirt.  It said “1985 Vintage Tommy” (yes, I realize that was 25 years ago, can you believe it).  I then set about explaining what vintage meant and that in my opinion, she was not.  I wondered, what makes something vintage and is it a good thing?

Words like classic or antique are also used to describe the fine qualities of having age.  But whether you use the term vintage, classic, or antique, it is never a good thing when it comes to HR.  Legislation is always changing, systems are always being improved and communication tools are developed and enhanced.

Is your company’s HR department “vintage”, or progressive?  What is the largest problem facing your HR department that makes it seem outdated?  Are you going to be able to help change that?

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  • Great question Trish !! Most HR functions I see are “vintage” both because companies expect HR to primarily to be a “support” function, and most HR pros are comfortable with that. I am not !! I’m very fortunate that I work for a company that expects HR to be progressive. Two ways we are doing that are (1) integrating HR throughout all facets of the company intentionally and (2) establishing a “people first” culture as one of the 4 pillars of our strategic plan. It’s great to have a company that wants HR to be progressive !!

  • Great analogy – if HR is about developing programs and measuring those programs, then vintage they are. If business requirements and objectives drive people and organizational capabilities, and HR is ultimately held to the same standard as Marketing or Finance (are you helping drive our success) then HR is moving into being contemporary and able to wear a shirt that claims vintage but is really new. Thanks for the post. Interesting as always.

  • I’m angling for “hipster cool” It lets me wear my Chucks, my Ramones shirt, my blazer and wayfarers. I’m gonna look really cool when I can your butt for using limewire across the network…

    Just kidding, but I do think we’re at the crossroads of a major shift and hrevolution (had to work the plug into the comment)!

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