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February 3, 2011

*Originally published in September 2009…

Quick- when you picture a rock star, who comes to mind?  Is it…..


The Wiggles!  No?  Not so much?  Well, each of us has a different image of what a rock star or idol means to us. I started thinking about it when I was organizing some files yesterday and came across this picture of my little girl taken several years ago.

Admiring the Wiggles

She was about 11 months old in the picture.  For anyone who has turned on the Disney channel in the last several years, you may recognize that she was watching The Wiggles.  They are an Australian children’s singing group.  From the time my twins were able to notice the TV, the Wiggles was their favorite show.  They loved the music, the brightly colored costumes, the many characters, and the silly things the characters did.  For them, the Wiggles were their rock stars.

Seeing this picture made me think about the people I admire.  Who are MY rock stars from a career perspective and what characteristics do they have? For each of us, the characteristics that we admire may be very different.  I know for me, the people I admire most are:

  • Honest with me– They tell me like it is, whether it is easy or not.
  • Creative- Not only do they come up with creative ideas, they take it to the next level and implement them.
  • Reliable– They follow through on what they say they will do.
  • Collaborative- They work together, then share in the credit.

Whether it is a former boss, a colleague, or a fellow blogger, these same attributes are what draw me to them.

Why is this important? I believe that in order to be truly successful, we need to listen and learn from the people we admire.  It’s so easy to get stuck in our day-to-day routine and not feel motivated.  To not feel like we can do more, create more, BE more.  I think the first step in being sucessful ourselves is to recognize what success looks like to us.  To understand the attributes people we view as “successful” have.

How about you?  What are some of the attributes you admire in your Rock Stars?

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