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February 4, 2011

Another week has blown by, and with all the cold weather and snow days we’ve had in the midwest, I’m happy the week is over.  The HRevolution planning committee has been hard at work behind the scenes pulling all the event details together.  Here’s a brief update on what to expect over the next couple weeks if you’ve already signed up:

  • VENUE- Crystal Peterson has searched out venues from the traditional to the extremely eclectic and will be settling on that soon.  They key is always to get our sponsors set first so that we have the funds to begin signing the contracts.  We’re excited to have this portion just about nailed down.  More to come in the next week or two.
  • SPONSORS- My favorite part of planning is getting to work with all the great companies that sponsor the event.  Of course, there is always a great deal of back-and-forth as we exchange information.  I’ll be making the official sponsor announcement soon, but as a sneak peek we already have Pinstripe Talent, Ceridian, and SHRM, to name a few.
  • SPEAKERS–  Always one of the top questions we receive as we organize HRevolution is who is speaking?  This year our approach is to take all the feedback we have from the last event (more new faces and more practitioners), from our surveys in 2010 (the topics attendees would like to see), and from the 40+ submissions we received and try to make matches.  Steve Boese has been working on this piece of the puzzle and began reaching out this week to some of the people who were selected.  We still have some slots open so if you haven’t heard from us, not to worry.  We’ll be finalizing the agenda in the next week and will communicate with every single person who submitted.  It’s such a hard decision when you have 40+ talented professionals to choose from.
  • HOTEL–  Once we announce the venue, we’ll also be announcing any hotel discount rates that are available.
  • MEDIA/ PROMOTION- Ben Eubanks has been diligently working on our site, FaceBook, Linkedin, and other sites to promote the event.  Once he has all the final info on venue, hotel, speakers, and sponsors, he’ll be sharing all that on our various sites.  He’s also putting together our social media coverage plan for the event and will be working with some great writers on that piece!

We’re all very excited that it’s all coming together as planned.  And, we’re also excited to see all the great people who have registered!  There are only 23 tickets left, so if you haven’t secured yours, time is running out.  Click HERE to register. And if you’re already signed up, be watching your email over the next couple weeks because we’ll begin communicating details to you that way.

Happy Friday!


  • Hi Trish –

    We would love to be a sponsor again this year. One of our mission is to further develop and help college folks with their hiring and learning process. So we would love to sponsor a student to come to the event. Let me know when it would be a good time to connect.

    Chernee Vitello

    • @Chernee- Thank you for your support again this year. Sponsoring a student is a wonderful way to improve the future of our profession. I will set up time to talk with you and we can brainstorm ideas. Hope you can make it this year…I’d love to meet you in person. 🙂

  • Sound good Trish, I can’t wait to attend this year. It will no doubt be a wonderful event. Hopefully the snow will be gone by then.

    • @Dave- Thanks for the plug. I’m excited to see many familiar names on the registration as well as all the new ones. I just can’t wait!!

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