Circle The Wagons: A Follow Up


July 24, 2011

A couple months ago, I wrote a post asking readers to circle the wagons for a fellow HR pro, Steve Boese.  Steve was part of a lay off at his organization as they removed many human resource positions.  The response to the post was tremendous and it was shared on HR related blogs from across the country, on Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn.  I’m thrilled to report that after exploring several great opportunities, Steve has accepted a position with Oracle Corporation working on the Fusion HCM Project Strategy team.  You can read more about it HERE on his blog.

Being able to help job seekers by spreading the word online is a great way to give back.  Now we have the opportunity to do the same for several HR professionals who have been laid off in recent weeks.  Whether you have a job, know of a job, can share the link, or pass along so that someone who knows of an opportunity can help them, it’s time to Circle The Wagons once more:

Erick M. Taft, SPHR

Erick is a HR professional from Bentonville, AK with expertise in HR, instructional design, communications, EEO related matters, organizational effectiveness, social media, non-profit professional organization leadership and retail operations.  Eric has spent the last fourteen years in various human resource roles with Walmart.  Here is a summary of his qualifications:

  • Certified HR Professional for five years.
  • Ten years experience in HR with a focus on learning and development as well as organizational effectiveness.
  • Proficient in developing elearning, on-the-job training tools, performance support aids and communications.
  • Knowledgeable in retail store operations with over fifteen years experience.

Please reach out to Erick directly via phone (479) 553-9371, via email at, on Twitter @ErickTaft or via LinkedIn 

Matthew Podjeski

Matt is a HR professional from St. Louis, MO.  Matt’s expertise is in both human resource operations and as a generalist.  He has a record of successfully leading initiatives such as employee engagement, organizational effectiveness,  change transformation and internal communications.  He’s also led a team of HR operations professionals through enhancing the effectiveness of the workflow using lean and Six Sigma tools.

Matt can be reached directly via email at, via LinkedIn, or on Twitter @mjpodjeski.

Please feel free to use any part of this post on your own blog or forward to any contacts you have that may know of human resource opportunities.  Thanks in advance for strengthening the online community and helping job seekers!

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