How Social Tools Can Empower A Global Organization


October 20, 2011

As a human resource leader and practitioner, there are few conferences and learning opportunities that grab my attention.  One that is continually at the top of my list is the Senior HR Executive Conference.  This year, The Conference Board has invited me to lead a session with my colleague, Steve Boese.  We have both attended the event several times and this will be an opportunity to contribute by sharing our knowledge on HR, social tools and technology when communicating with employees, candidates and customers.

How Social Tools Can Empower A Global Organization

We’ll cover ways platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other sites may be viewed as a distractions for employees.  However, as organizations continue to strive to work more efficiently with fewer resources, social networking is playing an increasingly important role.  Whether it’s idea generation, discovery or collaborating with the external and internal ecosystem of partners and suppliers, it is a mechanism that organizations will need to decide whether to embrace or be passed by.  We’re hoping to generate considerable discussion around this topic.

In existence since 1916, The Conference Board is a global, independent business membership and research association working in the public interest. They help their member companies by providing research and understanding around four key areas-  Economy, Markets & Value Creation; Human Capital; Corporate Leadership; High-Performing Organizations.  This enables the companies to have a trusted resource to provide the insight needed to make business decisions.  They also provide quality conferences and leadership experiences.

Steve and I hope you’ll join us in New York, NY on November 15- 16, 2011 for two full days of sessions.  There will be tracks on HR Strategies and Issues, HR Management and Process and one on Talent and Leadership.  You can join the Conference on LinkedIn, using the following link: Senior HR Executive Conference on LinkedIn or on Facebook, using the following link: Senior HR Executive Conference on facebook.

We’ll also be tweeting from the event using hashtag #tcbsrhr.

Now the best part, if you register, use discount code TM1 for $500 off registration!  Don’t wait…..we’d love to have your participation.

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