When Opportunity Knocks, Pay Attention


January 6, 2012

Growth is the only evidence of life.  ~John Henry Newman, Apologia pro vita sua, 1864

I’m growing.

After spending the last several years at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, I have made the challenging decision to take a position at another organization.  My time working at Children’s has truly been some of the most rewarding of my career.  Being able to see how my actions have an impact on the people that care for pediatric patients gave a special value to my work.   The leaders and staff I had the pleasure of working with have been extraordinary people.  They are caring beyond what any parent could hope for, they are top-notch in their knowledge and experience and they are the passion that keep St. Louis Children’s Hospital running.  I am grateful to have been a part of that.

But sometimes, even when you are in a good place and doing exciting work, opportunity knocks.   When first contacted about a position through LinkedIn, my initial thought was to refer the company to several HR professionals I knew.  However, the more I learned about the company goals and the energy and drive behind it, the more it sounded like an opportunity I wanted to consider for myself.

I am excited to say that I will be taking a position as the head of HR for an IT management consulting firm called Perficient.  Perficient is well known for the high level technology solutions they provide to their clients.  Their strong partnerships with the likes of Oracle, IBM and Microsoft coupled with the professional services firm model make this role a perfect fit for me.  I’m excited to have the opportunity to come in and create strategic solutions from a people perspective.

The next month will be full of transition for me.  It will be a time of reflection on all I’ve learned in my career  and how I can best bring that to my new team at Perficient.  I will hold my colleagues from St. Louis Children’s Hospital close in my heart as I make the move and I look forward to building new and exciting relationships at Perficient.

I’m glad I paid attention when opportunity knocked.

Any words of advice as I start on this portion of my journey?



  • Congratulations, Trish! I wish you the very best and I can’t wait to hear about the new adventures and learning opportunities you uncover at your new job. Keep up the great work, big sis!

    • @Ben- Thanks lil bro! You’re always such a great support to me. I appreciate you so much.

  • This is a huge win for Perficient and a huge loss for Children’s. Congratulations Trish…I look forward to hearing about the exciting new work you’ll be doing, and will certainly be glad to assist in anyway I can.

    What a great way to start the new year!

    • @Jay- You have been such a great friend and resource for me. Thank you for the kind wishes. It will be a big job but one I am ready to take on!

  • Congrats Trish! What an exciting way to start a new year!

    • @Janet- That is an understatement. lol Hope all is well at All Children’s. Hope to get to the St. Pete area in 2012 to visit.

  • Wow -big news. Good luck to you in your new endeavor. I am sure you will bring great things to Perficient.

    • @Dave- Thanks for your well wishes and support Dave. Hope all is well with you. 🙂

    • @Shauna- Hugs, hugs, hugs to you too my sweet friend! Thanks for the congrats.

  • Trish – Congrats on the new job! It sounds like an exciting gig so looking forward to seeing you do great things there.

    • @Lars- Thanks my friend! I hope to see you soon and hear about the exciting things going on at NPR too!

    • @RJ- Thanks friend. You have been such a good person to talk with as I contemplated a career move. Thanks for your friendship and see you soon in the Underground!

  • Congratulations!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It looks to be a fairly young company and a total workforce of 1,500 so I would only offer the advice of be ready to do everything if you don’t have as many support staff as you did at the hospital.
    It should be a great opportunity to implement some new approaches to HR and Talent Management that we all have been talking about over the past year. Be sure to update everyone!

    • @Benjamin- Thanks Benjamin. I’m excited that there is a good size staff at Perficient to work with me. We are going to try many new things that align to the vision of evolving HR.

    • @Patty- Thanks old roomie! Maybe you should come join me… 🙂

  • Congrats again! I wish you the very best in your new position.

    • @Amy- Thanks Amy and it was great to hear you on DTHR this week!

    • @Brad- Thank you Brad. I couldn’t be happier to join the Perficient team! Hope to see you soon and would love to get more involved in SMCSTL.

  • Trish!!!

    So excited for your ‘new” job! Congrats and wishing you the absolute best. I am sure they know how lucky they are!


  • Congratulations! I know you will do an awesome job! I’m very excited for you!

  • Of course I’m over the moon for you. I know you will do fab wherever you are. I’m excited that you are in a leadership position and understand the importance of social. This is exactly what Laurie and Lance said at the second HR Evolution.

    I’m so proud of you, Trish.


  • You go girl! Congratulations….on your new opportunity and many successes ahead!

  • perficient is a great gig – they’ll be psyched to have you. can’t wait to catch up with in more detail about it! and after spending 15 years in the professional services realm, i’d be happy to share my perspective on the HR dynamics unique to that environment. my best to you…

  • Wow!!! How exciting for you!! I remember when you first got the job at Children’s…seems like only a few months ago! What a lucky company to get such a great person. Lots of new friends and new adventures coming your way!! Enjoy your new position and new friendships!!

    Super proud of you, Trish!!

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