Celebrating Paul Hebert


January 23, 2013

Paul HToday is Paul Hebert Day.  Well, it’s really Tim Sackett Day, but this year we’re celebrating Paul Hebert on Tim Sackett Day.  Confused?  So am I.  Here’s the deal.  Last year was the first annual Tim Sackett Day.  People all around the HR and recruiting industry wrote about Tim as a way to celebrate the unsung hero of HR that works in the trenches.  It is this type of person that doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

That brings us to 2013.  Who should be honored?  Who is working hard, sharing knowledge with others?  It’s Paul Hebert.  And it’s his birthday today. (*happy b-day Paul)

I had the opportunity to meet Paul on Twitter, then at the first HRevolution in Louisville.  He showed me then that he was the type of person who not only passionately believed in the work he was doing in the incentives and rewards space, but in the larger HR community.  He demonstrated that he could come together with strangers from around the country and shine as a leader. Since then, he’s shown day-to-day that he’s the real deal.

How do I describe Paul?

  • Engaging–  Paul is not a wall flower.  This man is everywhere, but not in that weird, creepy way.  You can check him out at any of these places-
  • Open to new ideas-  I’ve seen him come to an “unconference” and have no plans to lead a session.  Then, when needed, he stepped right up and led.  He is not only someone who can share his ideas, he’s open to your ideas and let’s you try things and work through the ideas with him.
  • Collaborative– Paul will pick up the phone and immediately make you feel like you want to work on a project with him.  His collaborative approach to work, and to life, makes him someone you WANT to do business with.  Check him out at work- Symbolist.
  • Takes the bull by the horns- ‘Nuff said.
  • Huggable–  Maybe not the word you’d expect when describing a professional, however, in my book this is critical.  This is a man who is SO passionate about what he does and the people he meets through networking that you can, and likely will, eventually be close enough for a hug.  In other words, he’s not “plastic” or “pre-fab”, he is REAL.  He is likable   He is someone you want to know.

And, since this all started with Tim Sackett, check out some of the posts written about him last year.


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