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October 20, 2010

Let’s face it, there is almost nothing but navel gazing when it comes to Human Resources.  We spend a majority of our time trying to justify what we do in desperate hopes of leadership noticing so we will get the coveted seat at the proverbial table.  We keep trying to FIND ourselves instead of CREATING ourselves.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  It’s not all doom and gloom and continuing the status quo in HR.  But, I’ll venture to say that for HR in a many organizations, it isn’t exactly about creativity and  innovation either.  We may think we’re being innovative with all our talk of getting employees to think outside the box.  But, what does that really look like?  Typically, it means that we’re researching other companies and trying to implement their best practices.  It FEELS innovative and new.  But, it isn’t.  It’s just copying someone else’s solution.

I’m sick of hearing, “let’s not reinvent the wheel.”  You know what?  Let’s push back on that and REINVENT THE WHEEL.  Let’s commit to getting creative and exploring completely new solutions because what we are doing is not working.  All we’re doing is trying to take what works in another company’s culture and make the square peg fit in the round hole.  So, what are some steps we can take to really focus on our creativity and innovation?  I read a post by Jeffrey Phillips of the Innovate on Purpose blog and he reviewed a book by Carmine Gallo (The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs).  Jeffrey listed seven principles that will help us innovate like Steve Jobs.  I encourage you to read the entire post, but here are the seven principles:

  1. Do what you love
  2. Put a dent in the universe- have a big vision
  3. Kick start your brain- use creativity and have lots of different experiences
  4. Sell dreams not products- understand what people want to accomplish
  5. Say no to 1,000 things
  6. Create insanely great experiences
  7. Master the message

I say let’s begin measuring HR pros on creative, innovative solutions.  It will take more effort, more planning, and more brain cells.  But, if tried, it can provide more effective long-term results for your organization.  I am committed to starting with the seven principles  and holding myself accountable.  What do you think?  Can we do it?  Can we be creative and innovative?

*Personal note: Thanks to Franny Oxford for sending me the card pictured in the post.  It was just the inspiration I need as I continue to reinvent myself.  xoxo


  • I’m creating myself everyday!

    A great question people can ask to stretch creativity that I got from Malcolm Gladwell…

    What are the uses of a brick? Ask people to write down as many uses they can think of. No matter the answers. See how creative they get!

  • Re-invention is the only way to continually survive. While I am not an HR professional, I can testify as to why constant re-invention and evolution is the way to make certain that you are relevant in any universe you reside in.

    Those seven principles nail the point home to be successful in almost any pursuit.

    And my answer to Benjamin: a brick can be used to send a message. Chew on that…

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