The Root of the Productivity Gap


March 20, 2019

For as long as I can remember, organizations have been trying to find ways to increase the productivity of employees.  A number of tactics have been used including measurement and tracking, incentives, engagement plans, self-imposed targets and more.  But for as many tactics as leaders use, there are as many failures to moving the productivity needle.  I recently had a conversation with one of the HCM industry experts on the topic, George Michaels.  

George is a Division Vice President Major Account Sales at ADP and works with numerous organizations on improving their productivity, among other things.  In this week’s episode of The HR Happy Hour, George and I talk about how HR leaders can identify the productivity gap, key contributors to that gap being high or low, and how knowing the contributing factors can lead to changes that drive business success in your organization.  We also talked about how making changes to your strategic approach with your technology and improved partnerships with your vendor can make a substantial, sustainable difference.  

No show would be complete without some tips.  George shared his tips for making your organization’s approach to technology use more actionable, and how it will enable greater consistency in the results you see from your employees and leaders.  George and the team at ADP have been working on a new service to address this. It is called ADP Advantage.  ADP Advantage,  provides the tools you need to make these changes, and it’s now standard for ADP’s customers.  This will drive greater success through the implementation process, “Go Live”, and beyond.

This was an interesting and engaging conversation on productivity from one of the world’s largest and most well-known organizations. Thanks very much to George for joining me on the show.  You can learn more about ADP Advantage HERE.

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  • Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. Your efforts saved us time and helped us learn more about productivity from well-known organizations. We appreciate the detail you give to us.

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